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Isaac Stevenson: Home

Welcome to "The Isaac D. Productions" web-site.  Thanks for the visit as I'm sending all my love.

 I'm having a great time and have much to say, but my site is currently under reconstruction and finding the time to do the updates has taken me away from completing the work I think really needs to get done.  

As of 9/12/ 2016  I still haven't had the opportunity to do everything that's on my mind, so please accept my apologies. 

I'm working on an update of my reconstruction that will make my site scalable, will promote Isaac D. Productions and eventually reflect my love for the technology we have at hand and how it can be used to help others.

Hopefully you'll check out some of the other things I'm new to. 

I’m excited about the future and have been working to spend more time helping others in the community around the Bay Area . The greatest gift we have is our time, so I’m happy for any moments you might spend here with me.   Isaac Stervenson